I Am Angry

AngerAlmost all of us are angry at times, right? Anger is one of the emotions with which God has created us. We mirror God in this way because we find in Scripture that God is a God of wrath. So anger in itself is not wrong (Eph. 4:26).

It is striking however, that we rarely evaluate our anger. God’s anger is always pure, holy and righteous; He is God! Our anger often isn’t. We don’t like to admit this. We feel that we’re entitled to our anger. And that’s exactly the problem. Our anger is almost always about us, our rights, our will and our opinion. Righteous anger is when God’s will is violated and when it's expressed in a righteous way.

The fact that anger is not listed as part of the fruit of the Spirit but as a work of the flesh should give us a healthy mistrust of the validity of our anger. God asked the prophet twice: “Is it right for you to be angry”? We would do well to consider the same question.